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Finger Lickin Good!

This is how Caitlin throws down on BBQ Chicken Wings.



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We Now Call Her “STINKY”

Nikki made a new friend in the back yard the other morning…..not the kind of friend you want though.  Nikki met a skunk and the skunk blessed their new friendship with an offering of skunk type love.  Only skunk type love is actually only loved by other skunks.  Nikki got sprayed to the point her head was DRIPPING with skunk nastiness.  She spent all of about 1 minute in the house before we realized what was going on.  That friends is enough, our house still boasts that flavourful stench.  The good news is its fading fast and hopefully we will have the smell gone soon. 

Nikki had to take many outside baths made of secret potions and shampoos.  Numerous trips to the grocery and drug store and about 40$ is what it takes to get the skunk love off of a Lab head.  On a lighter note after spending the better part of a day washing a smelly dog I began to smell like a skunk.   The remedy for humans is really easy…..about 5$ worth of Massengil (you know what I am talking about) poured all over your body in the shower has you smellin like brand new again…..of course you smell a little like a salad dressing but whatever.

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