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Game one of Connors fall soccer season found him chained to the backfield…(by a coach I am sure has never laced on the boots and taken to the pitch) game two had a very different result.   Connors team took home the victory 5-nil……all 5 goals came from Connor’s foot.   He played like a man possessed,  at one point I thought I even heard him say “Beckham is a punk” but I cant be too sure.  Perhaps the Apopka Pirates are interested in buying out his remaining contract? 

Pics coming soon

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So the regular concert crew loads up into the “Iron Pimp” to make yet another journey into Detoilet for a concert.  In attendance where “Driver of the Wartabago”, “Pokey”, “Scolai”, “Young Jake” and myself (no nickname needed).  We head into the Magic Stick which essentially is a small venue above a bowling alley.  We are walking through the bowling alley and see the lead singer of the Street Dogs sitting in a chair so we start chatting him up….45 minutes later we head into the venue.  Mike Mcoulgin is the lead singer of the Street Dogs and former lead singer of The Dropkick Murphy’s.  Little known fact about Mike is he left the Murphy’s to become a Boston Fire Fighter which he still is.  Street Dogs tour around his work schedule and recently put out their 4th album.  Mike is also a Combat Veteran who served in an Infantry Unit in the first Gulf War. 

While we were talking to Mike I told him about my friend Tom who is in Iraq for his second tour with the USMC.  I asked Mike if he could sign something for Tom and he replied in a heavy “Southie” accent “Abso-freaking-lutely!”  So I go and buy a Street Dogs t-shirt and he writes this:

In case you cant read it “To Gunny aka Tom Get Home Soon!”

If you aren’t a fan of the Street Dogs you should be.  Here are just 2 examples of how good they are.  The second video is for “Final Transmission” if you ask him real nice Connor can sing it for you.

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